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Wallet Capo

Lost your capo? Check your wallet.

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For musicians, by musicians.

The wallet capo was created by musicians trying to solve a common problem in the guitar community. Thats why we came up with this simple solution: a portable, foldable, flexible capo that's about the size of a credit card to take with you anywhere. 

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How it Works

Get going in three easy steps:

Slide - Slide the capo onto the desired fret of the guitar. Make sure the black heat shrink is the only part touching the guitar and guitar strings. 

Hook - Hook the clip onto the bottom of the capo (on the loose setting) the pull up on the clip. Make sure to have a firm grip on the top of the U-clamp (that rests on the fretboard) with your thumb. 

Pull - Pull the capo clip back, and set it in place on its respective top opening slot. If the strings start to buzz, simply move the clip up to the next tightness setting!

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Check out the instructional video below: